PHINMA supports different advocacies that make lives better. PHINMA Foundation Inc., gives out financial assistance to various causes.

Art and Culture


PHINMA Foundation, Inc. is a supporter of Philippines arts and culture. The foundation provides grants to artists and art institutions that preserve Filipino identity and heritage. PFI has given financial support to Ballet Philippine and Philippine Educational Theater Association.


PHINMA Foundation, Inc is committed to education. Aside from the flagship program, PFI gives financial assistance for students studying in science schools through its Science and Engineering Fund. PFI gives a stipend to high school and college students to help in their education. PHINMA Foundation is assisting 96 students in 18 different schools. PHINMA also supports those pursuing Theological studies.



Environment and Disaster

PHINMA Foundation is active in helping communities especially those who need it the most. PHINMA Foundation contributes to the rehabilitation of disaster-hit areas through rebuilding, relief goods, and donation efforts.