BBBS Appreciation Night

A heart of gold – this is what all the big brothers and big sisters (BBBS) have in common. The BBBS Appreciation Night was held in honor of the BBBS, the employee volunteers and PNS alumni who act as mentors to the PNS scholars.

“You were a fantastic big brother and an even better mentor. Thank you for guiding me so much about my field and about life” – Gian Maneja, a PNU sophomore and PNS scholar, wrote about his “big brother” Ronald Tan. 

Indeed, the employee volunteers and PNS alumni of the Big Brother/Big Sister Program have made an impact in the lives of the PNS scholars.


Around 160 scholars, BBBS, and guests joined the BBBS Appreciation Night last February 10, 2017 at the Career Academy Asia. This year’s BBBS Appreciation Night gave recognition to the standout big brothers and big sisters. The guests also participated in fun games and activities.

The BBBS Program is a program of the PHINMA National Scholarship (PNS) and the PHINMA HERO Network (HERO) wherein one PNS Scholar is paired with an employee volunteer or a PNS alumni.