ARTeh and Kuya: A Creative Mentoring Workshop

Last September 24, 2016, the Philippine Education Theater Association (PETA), held a creative mentoring workshop for the PNS Scholars and their Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Through games, artwork and poetry, the participants learned effective strategies on proper communication, team building, and mentoring.



“I really enjoyed this activity. It’s my first time to attend a workshop together with my big sister. I think it really helped us to build a better relationship since we were not able to meet in the past months due to our busy schedules. I was able to get ideas that I can use in my future career.”
– Angel Mercader, 3rd Year Student, PNU


“The workshop talked about how a relationship, especially the mentor-mentee relationship, can be strengthened through artistic means. This also made me realize how important communication is for a relationship. Also, trusting each other and being sensitive about each other are vital things in keeping a healthy relationship.”
– Gerald Pascua, 2nd Year Student, UP