PFI: 32 Years of Making Lives Better

Asked to describe 2020/2021 in a word, readers of Rappler news website gave responses ranging from “exhausting”, “chaotic”, and numerous other words like, “lost”, “struggle,” and “unprecedented.” It’s difficult to encapsulate such a complex year in a word, but “interconnected” is one which might be added to the mix.

Interconnected because PFI is proud to have remained deeply connected with our PHINMA scholars, PHINMA Hero volunteers, partners, and communities throughout pandemic and to have supported and amplified their work.

Interconnected because PFI has advocated greater unity in loving and serving our country by rallying our team and communities to provide wholehearted service for the country and for the Filipinos through our PHINMA Reaches Out initiatives.

Interconnected because PFI has cemented partnerships with PETA, stepping our efforts to magnify what is uniquely Filipino in art and culture; DualTech Training Center Foundation, boosting the e-learning capacity of the teachers and learners; Sibika.PH, developing resource portal that helps young people to become informed and active citizens; Caritas Manila, Inc., promoting social transformation of the persons deprived of liberty; and Tanging Yaman Foundation and DLSU Brothers, Inc, providing humanitarian aid to communities in distress and victims of calamities.

This year we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of PHINMA Foundation, Inc. (PFI) and the 15th birthday of its flagship program – the PHINMA National Scholarship (PNS). We are looking back at the legacy of our commitment to the Filipino and we are also looking forward, inspired by our shared commitment in making the lives of others better through education and scholarships, volunteerism, and partnerships.

We are happy to see that through the PFI, we have been able to deepen our positive impact on the lives of the many communities we serve.

Together we can aspire and strive to a 2021 and years ahead where our universal vocabulary is populated not with words like “broken” or “disastrous”, but with shared values such as integrity, excellence, professionalism, and service.

In celebration of PHINMA National Scholarship’s 15th Anniversary, we prepared series of interviews with some of the people behind the success of the program.

The Legends Series: Episode 1
The Legends Series: Episode 2
The Legends Series: Episode 3
The Legends Series: Episode 4
Message from the Vice Chairman, Mr. Ramon R. del Rosario, Jr.

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