Red Cross Blood Donation Drive

It is through the generosity of volunteers that patients are able to receive life-saving blood.

Volunteers from PHINMA Inc, PHINMA Energy, iClean, Asian Eye, and Franklin Baker took the time to get tested to donate last 10 October 2017.  A total of 31 individuals successfully donated blood.

PHINMA HEROes were able to donate a total of 13,500 cc of blood – almost 14 liters of life saving-blood for persons in need.  Each successful donation saves three lives. The blood that was donated will go to cancer patients, trauma victims, and those undergoing emergency surgery.

“I wanted to help when I learned there was a shortage of blood.” Ms. Adele Ibones of PHINMA, Inc. said. PHINMA’s partner, the Philippine National Red Cross said that the amount of blood needed depends on the season.

The HERO Network partnered with Philippine National Red Cross for this blood drive activity.