2018 PNS Educational Tour: The National Museum of Natural History

81 scholars, seven big brothers, and big sisters, and six other guests joined the PHINMA National Scholarship (PNS) Program’s annual Educational Tour held at the recently-opened National Museum of Natural History last August 19, 2018.

The tour, which lasted for one and a half hours, introduced the scholars to the rich flora and fauna of the Philippines, as well as to the significant naturalists of the world throughout history.
Some of the exhibits that the museum boasts of are the remains of Lolong, once the world’s largest crocodile in captivity; a collection of local and imported petrified woods; and the iconic central structure of the building called “Tree of Life”.

This year’s educational tour did not only spark the curiosity of the scholars but also ignite their patriotism and care for the environment. Here are some of what the scholars have to say about their museum experience:

“This, I think, is the importance of having such museums like this – to showcase what we have, and to promote the preservation of it.” – Krystelle Bernas, 4th yr PNU scholar

“It makes me proud of the Philippines because of the numerous places in the country which are considered some of the best-preserved nature in the world.” – Jeffrey Reyes, 5th yr UP scholar

“Overall, the tour made me realize how blessed I am as a Filipino. I will always be grateful for being a Filipino. I will also be an advocate of conservation of these things even in the simplest way.” – Al Jireh Malazo, 4th yr PNU scholar

“As a future educator and a youth I really want the future generation to give more importance to the gifts coming from nature.” – Rica Domingo, 2nd yr PNU scholar

“Dito makikita kung gaano kayaman ang ating bansa pagdating sa kasaysayan. Mahalagang hindi ito makalimutan dahil sumasalamin ito sa ating kultura at kasarinlan at lalong lalo na sa ating pagkakakilanlan.” – Eddie Bastes, 4th yr PNU scholar